Goose Island Beer Co. Crafting Fine Dark Ales and Stouts

John Hall began Goose Island Brewpub in 1988, during the introduction of the brewpub concept nationwide. Hall wanted to build interest in craft beer - allowing the consumer to watch the brewing process and enjoy them on-site. In the Midwest, Goose Island Beer Co. had to compete with the popularity and affordability of mass-produced beers, yet they succeeded. In 1995, Goose Island Beer opened up a larger brewery and bottling plant to keep up with demand. In 1999, a second Goose Island Brewpub opened near Wrigley Field. With nationwide distribution and export markets in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Puerto Rico, Goose Island Beer is readily available at a beer stores, restaurants, and bars near you.

Nut Brown Ale combines the finest domestic and imported malts to produce a chestnut-hued ale. It was the Gold Medal winner in the American Brown Ale category at the World Beer Cup in 2006 and 2010. Aromatics experienced were walnuts and cocoa. Flavors experienced were chocolate, tobacco, honey, nutty,  a slight bitterness yet smooth and somewhat strong. This beer should be served ice cold.  Possible food pairings would be pork and beef dishes. 


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