Let your taste buds spin out with Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company

The story starts from the purchase of a Big Green Egg. A Big Green Egg (BGE) is based on a ceramic oven called a “kamado”, but it is much more. It’s a grill, oven, and smoker all in one. There are meet-up and cooking competitions for BGE owners across country. Two BGE owners, Chris Capell of Fairfax, VA and Mike Kerslake of London, Ontario met on a BGE online forum and have been friends ever since. With changes in both of their lives, Mike had dreams of a roasted pig going around a rotisserie, hence The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company was born in 2002, specializing in all-natural seasonings, hand-blended with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

Note: these seasoning are not heavily salted so you can be liberal with the rub. The more you put on, the better flavor penetration to whichever protein you want to use from chicken, pork, and beef.


Cow Lick Steak Rub™ is a spicy beef seasoning that has no sugar, and a really nice peppery bite that provides an awesome flavor. It does not have too much heat, and never overwhelms the flavor of the beef. Instead it brings out the unique flavor of beef and has your guests wondering what that great taste is. We tried it on ribeye steak skewers. It is the perfect blend of spice for a fine cut of steak. I can only imagine what it would taste like on a beef brisket, roasted slow and low. Others have used it on rib roasts, burgers, meatloaf, potatoes, chili seasoning, and even sprinkled on fresh tomatoes.



OC Food Diva