Heighten your senses with Ascendant Spirits in Buellton, CA

Stephen Gertman, Master Distiller, organized Ascendant Spirits with the help from friends and family in late 2011. It is the first craft distillery in Santa Barbara County to legally produce whisky, vodka, moonshine, and other spirits since prohibition. Ascendant Spirits uses the best American grains and local organic produce to make its distinctive, handcrafted spirits. A 500-gallon American-made custom-built copper still is used to patiently produce small batches of distinctive spirits.

Silver Lightning Moonshine is ultra-premium moonshine with floral and maize (from the 100% American yellow corn) notes and a mildly sweet finish. It is also received the 2013 Double Gold Winner at the New York International Spirits Competition. The SoCal MoonshineFlash is a fun drink with the agave syrup adding a caramel-like flavor and tangy zing from lime juice. The lime juice actually softens the moonshine’s harsh bite (straight up). It’s strong stuff but could easily be used as a vodka alternative.


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