Genji Products available at Whole Foods

Genji started as a local mom & pop sushi restaurant in Philadelphia. When Whole Foods began opening stores in Philadelphia, they did some research around the city to find the best sushi restaurant – uncompromised quality, freshness, authenticity, and customer appreciation. Whole Foods approached Mr. and Mrs. Omori, owners of Genji, if they would be interested in operating a few sushi bars within the Whole Foods stores. As Whole Foods grew, so did Genji. Peace Dining Corporation acquired Genji in 2005, transforming the company into a leading take-out chain. Genji operates over 158 sushi bar locations in the United States and United Kingdom.

Whole Foods may be overwhelming, yet fun for the normal grocery shopper. It is much different than any other chain market around. It’s a grocery store, bakery, seafood monger, farmers market, and food court. The scent alone will beckon you through the doors. Genji has a pre-packaged refrigerated section area, anything from sushi rolls to sides (like edamame, wakame salad, etc.) to soba and rice bowls. Or if you don’t find what you’re looking for, they will make it for you.

Calamari Salad is loaded with calamari caught right off the coast of California. The calamari is cooked and tossed with a variety of seaweed, chili peppers, and sesame seeds. If you like sunomono (Japanese cucumber salad with rice wine vinegar) or Hawaiian-style poke (seafood mixed with sesame oil, salt, seaweed, and other ingredients), you’ll love this. The calamari is very tender not too chewy. The combination of the flavors from the slightly sweet flavor from the vinegar mixed with the slightly salty seaweed is amazing. Give me a bowl of sticky rice and I’m good to go.

Check out Genji the next time you’re in Whole Food!

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