Only seven scary nights left of the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor in Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor returns with The Captain and his horrific armada of ghosts to give new life (or death) to a haunted carnival. The Captain invites you to cross over when you reach the main entrance. Don’t be scared, my pretty! He only wants your soul. As you cross over, a new evil character, The Ringmaster, hauntingly greets you with a snide smile and evil laugh. As you enter the carnival, more spooky characters reach out from the beyond to make contact by grunting, growling, and staring into your soul.

After crossing over, the energy drain made us a hungry for flesh. Dracula’s Pizza had giant slices of pizza, garlic battered corn dogs, garlic fries, and garlic chicken kabobs. Flesh freshly grilled on the large bbq pits in front. I didn’t feel like scaring off the vampires so I went to the next stand, Creepy Tacos. Now, this is what I’m talking about – brains, cheeks, and tongue. The zombie in me wanted brains (sesos), but due to the unpopularity of this menu item for the first couple of weeks, they decided not to offer it. I was a little disappointed, but they did have the cheeks (cachetes), tongue (lengua, one of my favorite taco meats), and I replaced the sesos with al pastor. The portions were good, but the flavor was just not there. It’s like they cooked the meats to perfection, but with no salt. The meats were very bland. By texture, I could tell the lengua from the cachetes, but flavor wise, they tasted exactly the same. The green salsa didn’t help as it also was very bland, but it, at least, added a refreshing acidity to cut through some of the fat. The al pastor had a little more flavor, but still on the bland side. Bring on some salt and these would be perfect!

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Mahalo and Happy Halloween!

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