2013 Banana Festival in Port of Hueneme, CA went bananas

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, a beautiful, sunny morning welcomed the 2nd annual Banana Festival to Port Hueneme, CA. Unfortunately, they did not receive enough entries for the banana recipe contest so we had to readjust our itinerary. Del Monte and Chiquita were giving away free bananas (and pineapples if you came early enough).

We decided to hit the Port Tours early since the weather was cooperating. Hook’s Sportfishing, provided tours of the port – barges carrying shipping containers, huge naval ships, sonar research ships, sea lions sunning themselves on a buoy, tugboats, and uni (sea urchins) in the water off of the gangway. I wanted to crawl down there and collect them for lunch. The boat ride was relaxing and educational for children and adults alike. I’m a very glad we decided to do this first as there was a major line for it right after lunch. 

Seeing the uni made us hungry as we didn’t eat breakfast (saving room to try foods offered at the festival). Our first stop was Kiwanis International Banana Crepes. Banana and Strawberries Crepe was a great combination of flavors – bananas and strawberries always make a great pairing from the creamy sweet banana to the sprite and tangy strawberries (Oxnard’s finest). Unfortunately, the crepe itself was underdone with a doughy texture.


OC Food Diva