The Flame Broiler serves quick and healthy Korean-style fast food in Orange County, CA

After graduating from UCLA, Young Lee like most graduates joined the workforce. During his work day, he found himself gravitating to fast food for lunch – something quick and easy so he could continue on with his work day. In his entrepreneurial mind, he started to think about creating a healthier alternative. In 1995, his idea became a reality when the first Flame Broiler opened in Fullerton, CA, serving simple, delicious, healthy, Korean-style fast food.

Word about The Flame Broiler started to spread like wildfire. In 1999, Young decided to franchise to keep up with the demand and provide his growing customer base with convenient locations. Through franchising, he can maintain the high level of service and food quality he expects to deliver.

The Rib Plate is Korean-style marinated short ribs atop your choice of white or brown rice, and served with salad and fruit garnish. The short ribs were pretty good for fast food. The ribs were definitely marinated for quite a while as the flavor penetrated the meat really well, tasting almost like teriyaki. You feel your carnivorous side come out as you gnaw on the bone to get each piece of meat off. I prefer the brown rice as it has more flavor than just white rice. A little bit a shoyu (soy sauce) and/or “Happy Sauce” and you’re good to go. The salad was fresh and house sesame supreme dressing was very good. Thumbs up!


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