Pho 88 has the best pho in Orange County, CA

Nestled in a large shopping center on the corner of North Lemon Street and East Orangethorpe Avenue, Pho 88 should be your first choice of noshing possibilities. The exterior is non-descript but when you walk in you know you are in a Pho shop. Tables line the small dining room with numbered napkin holders (signifying your table number). Come on in and someone will escort you to the first available table. Don’t be discouraged by the enormous menu. It’s mostly just choices of different toppings and meat offerings. The scent of their broth will help make up your mind. Keep in mind the size – small and large. I know it’s just soup, but the large is a hearty portion. I would recommend you try the small first and then next time, you can gauge how hungry you are.

If you like Vietnamese Coffee, Pho 88 makes a good one. It’s strong, but has a smooth flavor. If you like espresso or café au lait, this is the drink for you! You can have it hot or cold. It’s mixed with sweetened condensed milk which gives it a sweet, yet creamy, almost buttery finish. It’s a winner! I get it every time I dine there. Thumbs up, way up! 


OC Food Diva

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