Let California Rancher spice up your next meal

Mike Keller is the spice mastermind behind California Rancher, a spice and sauce company right here in SoCal. California Rancher was born in April 2012 after months of development of these all-natural products. Mike’s mom was an inspiration to him, by being a good cook herself, and teaching cooking techniques that stuck with him. As he started to get older, he began to travel and noticed that food was a great way to experience new places and then relive his adventure through recipes from his travels.

California Rancher is a celebration of California flavors with our all-natural ingredients. It can be described as “Paso Robles” in a bottle. Its namesake tips its hat to the tradition of hard work, the bounty of harvest, and a well-deserved meal at the end of the day – a day in the life of California agriculture.

California Rancher’s all-natural products are made to enhance good ingredients and not to overpower. These just aren’t for the BBQ but for everyday use. Everyone should have a jar of Santa-Maria-style seasoning in their kitchen to replace their salt and pepper. It’s fantastic on everything from a ribeye steak to fried eggs to roasted vegetables. Monterey Seafood seasoning is delicate and can be used on scallops, shrimp, or on a good piece of halibut. The Oaky & Smoky BBQ sauce has a highly complex flavor and is very different from any BBQ sauce on the market. 


OC Food Diva