30th Annual California Strawberry Festival: Berry Blast-Off Recipe Contest Finalist Announced

Chef Chuey Renteria and his culinary team at the Courtyard Marriott Oxnard have selected five contestants from 187 recipe submissions, the most recipes submitted year to date. On Tuesday, May 8, 2013, these five contestants had 1 hour to prepare their dishes for panel of judges ranging from chefs to culinary writers. If you have ever watched any food competition shows like Chopped, Top Chef, or Iron Chef, you know what it means to cook by the clock. When the timer started, burners and ovens were turned on as ingredient prep started. Lots of chopping was going on as the contestants were given the strawberries.
Tyler Deltoro from Sun Valley, ID prepared “Berry Buoy Croquettes, Floating in a Red Tide Sauce”. Interesting historical fact, his mom won the contest 20 years ago with the recipe she submitted. Michael Cohen from Los Angeles, CA prepared “Strawberry Risotto with Basil, Pine Nuts, and Balsamic Reduction”. Larissa Nelson of Fillmore, CA prepared “Oxnard Strawberry Coconut No-Bake Tiramisu”. Marc Slack from Simi Valley, CA prepared “Strawberry Sweet and Spicy Lettuce Wraps”. Winona Krieger from Agoura Hills, CA prepared “Strawberry Brulee (with Rockin Berry Brittle)”. As the minutes ticked down to 15 minutes, contestants were scrambling around trying to make their plate setups and prepare their main table presentation in the judging room. As the timer finally buzzed for the finish, Tyler brought his last plate to the table. Congratulations to all the contestants for their hard work, not only coming up with a recipe, but preparing it in 1 hour!

To read more and see slideshow, please visit: http://www.examiner.com/article/30th-annual-california-strawberry-festival-berry-blast-off-recipe-contest-final

Mahalo and hope to see you at the California Strawberry Festival on Saturday!

OC Food Diva