Crust is a boutique gourmet pizza bar in Studio City, CA

The idea was born across the Pacific Ocean in a “land from down under”. In October 2001, Costa Anastasiadis opened the first Crust in Sydney, Australia. There are tons of pizza places in most areas of the world from the big chain pizza stores to the “mom and pop” pizzerias. Costa found a way to blend the two together, yet make pizza a gourmet item with fresh quality ingredients while still using proper pizzeria techniques. The concept spread like wildfire in Australia, opening over 100 stores in Australia in 7 years. In May 2012, Crust made its US debut in the Studio City, CA under the guidance of master franchisee, John de Vries, who will run the franchise growth in North America. The pizza makers all have their different parts to play to make this well-oiled pizza bar machine work efficiently. It’s all open with nothing to hide. You can watch them dress your pizza with artful flair. The restaurant interior is funky and fun just like Studio City with contrasting red, black, and white. This was the perfect place to open the first US location.

White Prosciutto is topped with roasted potato, prosciutto, gorgonzola bleu cheese, and fresh rosemary on a béchamel chardonnay base. Okay, you might be thinking, “potatoes on a pizza?” But it totally works! The potatoes added a nice texture with a baked potato flavor. The gorgonzola punched the flavor out of the park with its zingy pungent flavor. The prosciutto added a luxurious and smoky flavor. The crust was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside like a baguette – no crust left behind here! Thumbs up, way up!

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