Andrei’s serving conscious, sustainable cuisine in Irvine, CA

Natalia and Andrei Olenicoff (sister and brother) had a dream that one day they would own and operate a restaurant. Andrei was always interested in organic and sustainability farming and practices back in the 1990’s long before it was trendy. In a car accident, Andrei’s life was tragically cut short. As a tribute to Andrei’s dream, Natalie and their father, Igor Olenicoff, opened up Andrei’s. Andrei was also afflicted with an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentos, along with other similar degenerative diseases affect 1 in 28 people in the US. 100% of the restaurants profits benefit the Andrei Foundation, started in 2005, whose goals are to find a cure for these diseases and also help the people who are currently affected. Andrei’s opened its doors in 2009 and has been opening people eyes to gourmet, organic, sustainable cuisine.

Pommes Frites are hand-cut Kennebec potato fries with a truffle aioli. They were cooked the Belgian way, twice fry – blanching to lock in the flavor and then frying at a higher temperature for a crispy golden brown exterior. The exterior was crispy and had a blister like texture, like kettle chips. The interior was fluffy and tasted like a freshly baked potato. The truffle aioli was fabulous! Rough chopped truffle in a perfectly creamy aioli. Thumbs up, way up!

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