Check out what's new this summer at Five Crowns

Here are some new features at Five Crowns - from the exterior to interior to the menu...

New eye-catching sign featuring a bold new logo and new exterior paint scheme in the English tradition. Matches nicely with the iconic red phone booth.

Bigger, brighter entrance and front door.

New wallpaper... If you see spoons, you're in the right place.

 Brand new Greenhouse Bar

Greenhouse refurbished with a more casual feel.

Lush English garden landscaping by Rogers Garden.

I am in love with these porthole mirrors on the wall. It's retro yet artistic! I always see the art... It's the graphic designer in me.

 Hi-top table bedazzled with sparkling shillings!

Here are some new menu items and flavors of the summer season. The food shown here are in sample portions for a bite-size taste of the actual menu items. These small bites are also something to think about if you are planning to host a party or event at Five Crowns. These small bites would be great during a cocktail reception before a main dinner.

Casa Negroni made with strawberry infused campari, vermouth, and gin.

Kusshi Oyster with mignonette

Steak Tartare with au jus vinaigrette, egg, and toast.

Bigeye Tuna with shoyu, sesame oil, and scallion

Chilled Black Tiger Prawn with horseradish mayo

Heirloom and Melon Gazpacho with apple cider sorbet

Wild California King Salmon with matchstick beets, arugula, and lemon orzo

Mishima Reserve Beef (top sirloin cap) with baby leeks and red shiso

Strawberry Shortcake (Oxnard strawberries) with whipped cream.