Melissa’s Produce makes gift-giving easy and healthy

Melissa’s Produce has long been known for their vast array of produce so why not share the freshness with friends, family, colleagues, and clients for the holiday season. There is a gift basket to fit any price range and occasion.

The Royal Treatment Wine Gift Basket is fit for a king or queen. It includes a 750 ml. bottle of 2011 Darioush Signature Shiraz, a fresh assortment of organic apples and pears, dried cranberries, salami, crackers, and nuts.

The fruits are sweet with fresh picked-from-the-tree flavor. You can almost taste a sweet pollen note in the gala apples. The green apples are sweet and tart which is a perfect addition to a fruit/cheese/charcuterie platter for wine tasting. The flavor plays well with cheeses like brie and sharp cheddar. The pears are sweet and have a silky quality to them.

The dried cranberries are quite nice. They are soft and are naturally sweetened. They work great on a fruit & cheese platter or even added to a nice starter salad. They would even add a sweet touch to the morning oatmeal.

The bagged cashews are buttery and pair well with the dried cranberries. Add them to a morning smoothie for a nutty flavor and protein-packed punch. There are also walnuts and almonds still in the shell. You can crack them before a party or let your guests have a try.

The Busseto Dry Salami is fantastic. The salami has rich, meaty flavor with just the right amount of fat which lends a nice buttery flavor.

Breton Multigrain crackers are always a great snack to have on hand. The multigrain flavor lends itself well to cured meats, cheese, and fruits.

2011 Darioush Signature Shiraz is from Napa Valley and is made from 100% Shiraz. It was aged for 18 months in new Siruge, Damy, and Francois Freres French oak barrels. Tasting notes: Robust with light berry notes, tannin-rich, and oaky aroma. This would be better paired with a steak rather than fruit, nuts, cheese, or charcuterie. A rose, chardonnay, or viognier might be a better choice for this basket.

The gift basket also comes with a decorative wine stopper and nut cracker. The seagrass woven basket can also be reused for a decorative center piece for the dining or coffee table.

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The Royal Treatment Wine Gift Basket

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