Döner G serves up Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine with second location in Irvine, CA

Yalcin Aslan came to California from his homeland of Turkey to get his Master’s degree. After achieving this goal, California became his permanent home but he still missed comfort food called döner kebab, which means “turning or rotating roast”. In Turkey, döner kebab stalls are on every corner and considered Turkish fast food. You may have also heard of “shawarma” in Arabic or “gyros” in Greek. It’s the same concept with different meats and spices from their respective countries. All meats are Halal – Zabihah. Yacin’s family has been running Döner G’s in Turkey for over 25 years and decided to bring the concept to Orange County. His first location opened in 2008 in Anaheim, CA. Yacin also saw an opportunity to share this wonderful cuisine to the adventurous Irvine, CA crowd and opened his second location in November 2013. When you drive into the Crossroads shopping center, an aroma hits you. It could be mistaken for Greek, but it’s a little different. Your nose will lead you a mouth-watering aroma of “meat roasting over fire” and appeals to your primitive, carnivorous being.

Let’s take a look at some of the menu items:

Baba Ghanoush is described as “fire-roasted eggplant, delicately mixed with garlic, lemon juice, and tahini sauce and sprinkled with sourberry (sumac) and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.” The light texture of the eggplant is good and a little on the chunky side. The EVOO brings out the sweetness of the eggplant. Use the pita bread to scoop and munch away. Thumbs up!

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