The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® celebrates their 50th anniversary

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has been brewing in Southern California since 1963. This family-run coffee and tea retailer launched its golden anniversary celebration in January 2013. It’s the oldest and largest family-owned specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States.

“As we celebrate this milestone for our company, we want to take this opportunity to truly celebrate and thank our dedicated customers and fans who have been so loyal in their support throughout our 50 year history,” says President Mel Elias. “The 50th anniversary of The Coffee Bean® celebrates the spirit of our heritage, sharing our passion with fans—old and new—as we look ahead to continued growth for the brand and future innovations. Over the next 50 years, we are dedicated to furthering our one-on-one relationships with growers around the world and are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with innovative new beverages at the forefront of coffee and tea culture, as seen by our CBTL® single serve beverage systems.”

Since its first location in Brentwood, CA, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has grown to become an international icon with close to 900 company-owned and franchised stores across 11 states and spanning 25 countries. The company remains rooted to its heritage by focusing on the quality of its craft and delivering the world’s most vibrant flavors to its customers by selecting only the top one percent of Arabica beans and the finest hand-plucked whole leaf teas. All coffee beans are hand-roasted under the supervision of Senior Director of Coffee, Roasting, and Manufacturing, Jay Isais, and Master Roaster, Jesse Martinez, at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Roasting and Distribution (RAD) facility in Camarillo, CA. The company’s Director of Tea, David DeCandia, regularly travels to tea regions such as Sri Lanka, China, Japan, India, and Thailand to meet with tea estate owners to select and hand-craft only the finest whole leaf tea available to ensure the finest quality tea. After 50 years of brewing, blending, and roasting, the company remains committed to its original vision of product quality and customer care.

Dedicated to serving the community, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will commemorate its 50th anniversary with a series of events throughout the year.

In March, CBTL introduced Tea Cappuccinos Sweet Teas. The Tea Cappuccinos are a combination of freshly brewed tea (Chai, Scottish Breakfast, or the 50th Anniversary Blend), whole milk foam, and vanilla bean sauce. It is a lighter option with a bolder flavor compared to tea lattes. It’s an interesting concept and hope you’ll try one. Not exactly “my cup of tea”, no pun intended. 


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