“The American Lighthouse Cookbook” takes you on a food tour of U.S. lighthouses

Authors Becky Sue Epstein and Chef Ed Jackson put together a historic journey of our nation’s lighthouses with recipes local to the area. Lighthouse keepers worked 24/7, so everything they ate was local, either from a garden and small stock of farm animals like chickens, goats, and the occasional cow on the property, fresh seafood from the sea, or nearby farms and forests – forefathers of local, sustainable cooking. The keeper would make monthly trips into town for grain, flour, butter, cheese, meat, and other provisions that they could afford.

In this cookbook, they have identified eight regions of America: Northeastern Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern Atlantic, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Island, the Gulf Coast, California and Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and the Great Lakes. They have chosen 47 lighthouses (as there are many) with interesting backgrounds and stories and paired them with nearly 300 modern-day lighthouse recipes for each, developed by Chef Ed Jackson and some contributions from lighthouse bed-and-breakfasts.

To read more and see slideshow, please visit: http://www.examiner.com/review/the-american-lighthouse-cookbook-takes-you-on-a-food-tour-of-u-s-lighthouses


OC Food Diva