Rubio’s® is spotlighting lighter, grilled seafood options

Rubio’s has been known for fish tacos and unique seafood dishes since 1983. In 2013, they are spotlighting fresh options from the grill. The recipes were developed by Ralph Rubio and his culinary team and include grilled sustainable Atlantic salmon and Pacific mahi mahi. Rubio’s practices sustainability when it comes to seafood.

Atlantic Salmon Plate is sustainable Atlantic salmon, grilled or house blackened on an authentic comal with a special garlic marinade and topped with fire-roasted corn with a pinch of ancho chile, creamy chipotle sauce and served with salad, rice, and beans. Salmon plate had a good portion of fish but would be better with mango salsa. The rice was a little bit crunchy and might be a little undercooked. The avocado salad and black beans were good.
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