Definition of Family from Gallo Family Vineyards

Gallo Family Vineyards recently commissioned a national survey* polling Americans on what their current definition of family is. Gallo Family Vineyards is a family-owned winery, so their heritage is what inspired the idea for the survey.

Here are some interesting results from the survey:
  • 88% of Americans have a “found family,” or at least one person who is not a blood relative that they consider to be family
    • Of these “found families,” friends make up 76% of them
  • More than half of Americans have a famous family recipe, but only half of them are written down.
  • 71 % of Americans have “work family,” or a group of coworkers that they are particularly close with.
  • Half of Americans defined family as "someone who is always there for me."

OC Food Diva