Blake’s Place has Texas pit-smoked BBQ with California flavor in Anaheim, CA

In 1987, Gene Hobel graduated from the Culinary Institute of San Francisco and started working in numerous restaurants. But his dream to open his own restaurant was not too far away. In 1996, Gene Hobel was looking to buy a sandwich shop. Long story short, he decided to go with something completely different. After careful thought, he bought an in-house smoker and Blake’s Place (named after his son) became a BBQ haven. Within 6 months, he got a call to cook on KTLA. After that, folks were driving in from as far as Los Angeles to try his BBQ. Since then, Blake’s Place has expanded their dining room and now has smokers running 24/7 to feed their hungry customers and cater large events.

Smoked Meat Rib Plate is served with sides of BBQ beans, cole slaw, and garlic bread. The beef ribs were tender, yet you feel your carnivorous side come out while you’re ripping the meat from the bone. You can just hear Tim Allen making his manly sounds on Home Improvement! Makes you feel alive! The BBQ beans are pretty good, not too sweet with chunks of pork. The cole slaw was pretty good as well – creamy yet light. The garlic bread was okay, it could definitely use more garlic. Thumbs up, way up!

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