The 3rd Annual California Wine Festival welcomed wine and food lovers to Dana Point, CA

On Saturday, April 21st, the 2012 California Wine Festival opened to the rhythmic beat of a Caribbean steel drum band. It was just the right tempo to get the party started on a perfect balmy day. The slightly overcast sky did nothing to dampen the festive atmosphere. I couldn’t believe how many wineries participated in this event. It would have been a monumental feat for anyone to have tasted everything and enjoyed the wonderful notes of each wine represented. What a wonderful excuse to be back next year! To complement your wine tasting adventure, artisanal foods from breads to cheeses to desserts were abundantly available for sampling and in many instances, purchasing for a treat later at home. 

Follow me as I take you along my adventure at the 2012 California Wine Festival:

Upon entering the gate, everyone was presented with an 18 ounce keepsake wine glass embellished with the festival logo. It was an oversized glass designed to capture the subtle colors, aromas, and flavors of the wines sampled.

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