Katella Family Grill makes you feel at home in Orange, CA

If you looking for no-fuss food with friendly service, look no further. Katella Family Grill is conveniently located on the corner of Katella Avenue and Main Street in Orange, CA. It’s across the street from the Stadium Promenade where you can catch a movie at the Edwards Theatre before or after your meal. If you are a Ducks or Angels fan, grab a bite before or after the game. The menu has something for everyone – steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, soups, stews, and sandwiches. Jim Learakos, with his 50+ years of restaurant experience, shows his comfort food flavor palate on the menu.

Liver and Onions is tender beef liver smothered with grilled onions, bacon, and green apples. All entrees include a choice of potato or Cajun rice and vegetables - baked potato and creamed corn in this case. The liver was cooked and seasoned to a perfect medium. It had a firm texture but wasn’t dry. The grilled onions and bacon are always a perfect pairing with liver. The green apples were a surprise and complimented the combination of flavors as well as adding a crunchy texture. The baked potato was perfect - fluffy interior with butter, sour cream and chives to cream it all up. The creamed corn is a little different than I'm used to. It tasted like they put mashed potatoes in with the cream making it seem a little lumpy and not very sweet. I would definitely get this again but without the creamed corn. Thumbs up!

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