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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Noguchi is a dream come true in Yorba Linda, CA

Hiro Noguchi has always had a dream to open an upscale Japanese restaurant, not just a sushi bar, but a way to show his talents as a chef – innovative, creative, trendy, and classical. The décor has very clean lines and has a Feng Shui, zen-like atmosphere. Sushi chefs announce your presence and welcome you with smiles. Asian decanters for the shoyu are a nice touch on the table. String lighting hangs from the ceiling cross beams making you feel as if you are dining outside. Omakase is served here as well. You tell the sushi chef what you don’t like and he’ll keep making items until you say to stop. Owners Hiro and Junko are the faces of the restaurant. Hiro serves, cooks, and makes the sushi bar creations. Junko is your hostess and makes sure you are having a wonderful dining experience.

Let’s talk about their Signature Specialties. The Sushi Triolet is three different kinds of Noguchi’s special presentation of sushi. On this occasion, the presentation consisted of salmon sushi topped with mango and jalapeno, red snapper with a lemon pepper, jalapeno, yuzu sauce, and Prosciutto Tuna which is a finely selected fresh tuna wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto with yuzu juice and olive oil. The salmon sushi excites the taste buds with the creaminess of the salmon, sweetness of the mango, and a little bit of heat from the jalapeno. It creates a perfectly balanced flavor. The red snapper’s freshness really stands out on this one. Then the sauce takes it to a whole new level, leaving your mouth with a clean, yet spicy finish. The Prosciutto Tuna is how Hiro shows you his innovative style. Who knew that tuna and prosciutto would be so great together. The tuna is excellent, very lean and sweet. The prosciutto brings a little bit of salty and just enough fat to make your mouth go wild. No shoyu necessary for these delights. Ask your sushi chef what the triolet of the day is. If available, this combination is out-of-this-world! Thumbs up with 5 stars!
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