Rubio’s 5th Annual CoastFest in Oceanside, California

A beautiful summer morning dawned over our drive to Oceanside, CA for Rubio’s 5th Annual CoastFest. It was still early so the traffic headed south was smooth sailing, taking only a little over an hour of drive time. As we drove through Oceanside, the Pacific Ocean, in all her blue splendor, made waves for the surfers and refreshing fun for families on the beach.

We headed over to the Beach Cleanup registration area to turn in our release paperwork, get our wristbands, and pickup supplies – trash bags and gloves. The gloves help protect your hands from any sharp materials found on the beach like glass, metals, etc. I was amazed how many people showed up to help keep our beaches and oceans clean. Every little bit helps. 

I tend to focus on the tiny microplastics in the sand since these have been found inside fish. They eat the microplastics thinking it is food. Keeping our oceans clean also keeps the ocean life healthy as well.

After an over hour of cleanup, we headed to the Junior Seau Pier Plaza Amphitheatre for the party of food, drinks, music, and family fun. We also received a stamp booklet. Once we collected 4 stamps from various booths at the event, it was good for a free entrée at Rubio’s. Our first stop was the guacamole station. They showed us the ingredients that go into the fresh-made guacamole that each Rubio’s location makes daily.

They served up cups of guacamole with tortilla chips for dipping. Even the cups that these were served in were made sustainably with corn.

Pan-Seared Shrimp Taco is topped with fire-roasted corn, creamy chipotle sauce, cilantro, onion, and cabbage. At the end of the line, you had a choice of salsa for your taco and/or chips. I had some guacamole left over so I just used it on my taco and it was fantastic!

Spindrift Sparkling Water was on hand giving out free cans of their beverages. We tried the Blackberry and Raspberry Lime. These are unsweetened with just a hint of blackberry and raspberry flavors. They are refreshing, but I prefer something a little sweeter. I looked on their website and noticed that they also offer sparkling beverages with a bit of cane sugar. I would love to try the grapefruit flavor next time.

At the back of the food tent, dozens of Rubio’s team members were grilling up shrimp, warming up tortillas, and assembling tacos. They were speedy and efficient; and boy did they ever need to be! Even if the line looked long, it only took a few minutes to go through. Great work everyone!

Mi Rancho is the purveyor of the corn tortillas that you will find at your local Rubio’s. They had a demo table set up showing off the process of transforming their organic corn from kernel to masa. They use a stone-grind method for an authentic flavor and texture.

Clif Bar had samples of their new Nut Butter Filled Peanut Butter Bars. They are certified USDA organic, low glycemic, and non-GMO. These would be great during/after a nice hike, bike ride, or run to give your body a boost in energy.

Yes, dessert!!! Rubio’s handed out Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and Limon Coconut Bars. I love the combination of chocolate chips and oatmeal. My hubby’s grandma made the best, but these come up a close second. The Limon Coconut Bar reminded me of a tropical cheesecake. I’m definitely getting one the next time I dine in.

With our tummies full and stamp collection completed, it was time to head back home. I felt great by doing my part in keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

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