Gold Hill Hotel: The oldest hotel in Nevada

After procuring some last minute supplies from Walmart off the US-395 in Carson City, NV, it was only 30 minutes to Gold Hill, NV. If you are a child of the 1970’s, a familiar theme song will start to play in your head. You guessed it, “Bonanza”.

  • Travel Tip: Carson City is the major city where you will want to fill up on supplies and gas. The next major city north will be Reno, NV. There are also plenty of casual and fast food chain restaurants as well.

From the US-395, head north on the NV-342, also known as the “Comstock Highway”, where you will make your way up into the hills to Gold Hill, NV. Gold Hill is located in Storey County, just a mile south of Virginia City. From 1868 to 1888, Gold Hill was a highly prosperous boom town with at least 8,000 residents due to the mining of the Comstock Lode, a major deposit of gold and silver ore.

  • Travel Tip: GPS may not be able to pick up this little community and you may have to key in “Virginia City” to make it calculate the directions properly.

The oldest hotel in Nevada and the only lodging in Gold Hill is the Gold Hill Hotel & Saloon. Perched up on the hillside on NV-342 which turns into Main Street, the Gold Hill Hotel has the look as if you stepped back in time to 1861. The exterior has the feel of an old western town with the weathered wood and stamped lettering. The front has a lot of character from the old wagon near the front desk and chiseled rock that line the walkways.

  • Travel Tip: If you are a Tesla owner, the Gold Hill has a charging station here.

The rooms also have a lot of rustic character paired with modern comforts. This hotel also reportedly features ghostly residents in some of the rooms. If you would like to experience the paranormal, you can request one of these rooms when you make your reservation. Each room has its own story so check their website for more details. Room 11 is the Doubles Room. It comes with two double beds, TV, coffeemaker, and private bathroom. There is a nice view through the window of Main Street and the hills. No ghostly presence in this room but there were two tiny tea pots from a child’s playset on top of the closet. Toys of a ghostly child perhaps? There is also a thermostat in the room. This room receives a lot of sunlight so if it does get too warm, open the windows for some fresh cool air. With snow fall, the room can cool off pretty quickly in the winter months.

After a being on the road all day, the last thing you might want to do is get back in the car to find dinner. Gold Hill Hotel has an on-site restaurant, Crown Point Restaurant. The dining room is very elegant from the white linen tables and dark wooden chairs. It’s the perfect setting for a nice meal. The service is attentive, friendly, and personable.

New York Steak & Lobster Tail (special - $24) seemed like a great deal and the presentation was quite stunning! The steak was cooked to medium rare and was tender and juicy. But the lobster had an ammoniated scent as if it had been in the freezer too long. The texture was good, not rubbery or overcooked. A wedge of lemon would help eliminate the fishiness. The mashed potatoes were a little runny, but had a nice flavor. The brocollini was cooked properly, but the carrots could have been cooked a little longer as they were rather hard. Rating: 3.5/5

12 oz. Certified Angus Beef Ribeye ($26) seemed to be priced a little high for its size. The steak looked great with cross-hatched grill marks, but it was unevenly cooked. Half of the steak was cooked rare and the other half was well done. The seasoning on the outside made the steak very flavorful. Even at well done, the steak was pretty tender. The twice baked potato that accompanied it was fantastic! The textures of creamy mashed potatoes, gooey cheese, and crispy potato skin worked wonders. The other vegetables were just like the special, not cooked evenly. Rating: 3.5/5

With tummies full, it was time to grab a shower and hit the hay. A day of Rocky Mountain Oysters is just a few hours away.

1540 Main St.
Gold Hill, NV 89440
Parking: Free parking in front of the hotel and behind.

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