A foodie’s dream: Food Fare 2016 at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California

The proceeds from Food Fare 2016 benefited Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA). This year’s event raised over $900,000, according to preliminary figures, in support of PPLA, the highest amount the event has ever raised. Over $500,000 was raised in sponsorship alone, setting a new record for the event.

Here’s a look at some of the tasty items that were served:

Clementine served up Sloppy Joe Sliders filled with sloppy joe-style ground beef topped with shredded cheddar on a brioche bun. It turned this humble comfort food into something spectacular! The brioche bun added a buttery flavor and held up to the filling without getting mushy. This would be great as an appetizer for a family get-together or backyard party. Rating: 4.5/5

Valerie Confections served up Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake, sponge cake with coffee whipped cream frosting and topped with delicious bits of crunch which tasted like honeycomb candy. This cake is to die for! It is a decadent experience from the fluffy texture of the sponge cake to the creamy, aromatic coffee whipped cream frosting to the crunchy, sweet honeycomb candy. You’ll simply have to try it and when you do, you’ll be in love with it too! Rating: 5/5

Locanda Del Lago served up Barley Risotto made with barley instead of risotto rice mixed with peas and mushrooms. The barley added a nutty flavor and a sturdier bite than Arborio rice. The peas added a sweet and starchy flavor along with a bright green color. The mushrooms added a nice earthy flavor along with a meaty texture. Rating: 4/5

Akasha served up Citrus Cured Ora King Salmon. The presentation was striking with the reddish orange salmon against the contrasting white and green from the herbs and potatoes. The salmon was soft and melted like butter. The flavor was not overly salty and worked well with the herbed potato salad underneath. Rating: 5/5

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant served up Seared Tuna, thinly sliced ahi tuna seared rare matched with a soy vin blanc sauce. The ahi was seared to perfection with a lightly cooked outside and pink rare inside. The soy vin blanc sauce worked well with the tuna, elevating the flavor more than just shoyu could alone. Rating: 5/5

The Albright served up Poke. It was pretty good. Some seaweed like ogo would punch it up a notch with flavor and texture. Rating: 4/5

Jamaica’s Cakes served up chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla swirled frosting. The chocolate cupcake was decadent with rich chocolaty flavor. The frosting was creamy and with the right amount of chocolate swirl. Rating: 4.5/5

Bel Air Bar + Grill served up BBQ Beef Tacos made with pulled angus beef, chef’s barbecue sauce, soft flour tortilla, and carrot-poblano salsa. The beef was tender like a good pot roast. The barbecue sauce was not overbearing and allowed the beefy flavor to come through. The salsa added a crunchy texture along with a chewiness from the flour tortilla. Rating: 4.5/5

Hungry Bear Catering served up Coconut Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly with rice, green harissa, pickled Swiss chard, citrus quail egg, and crispy shallot. The pork had an Asian flavor profile. The pickled Swiss chard added a nice acidity to the dish while the crispy shallots added a crunchy texture. The rice was a nice touch to catch the juices from the pork belly. Rating: 5/5

Pink’s served up their famous hot dogs. The hot dogs had a great snap to them along with a juicy, meaty interior. The chili, cheese, and onions were the perfect toppings, just along for the amazing food ride to the taste buds. Rating: 5/5

Craft served up Labneh Cheesecake with rhubarb and pistachio granola. Labneh is a strained yogurt cheese found in middle-eastern dishes. The labneh worked perfectly in this cheesecake, providing a silky texture and creamy flavor. The rhubarb’s sweet tartness balanced perfectly with the cheesecake. The granola added a nutty flavor along with crunch texture. Rating: 5/5

Blue Plate Oysterette served up Lobster Roll dressed in a brioche roll. Large chunks of delicate lobster meat were tossed in a mayonnaise sauce coating each piece so it adhered to the roll while still being light enough to let the sweetness of the lobster shine through. 4.5/5

Blue Plate Taco served up a mini Ahi Tostada. Take a piece of thinly-sliced ahi tuna and lay it atop a bed of cabbage slaw on a crisp mini-tortilla then garnish with carrot strings and a bit of aloi and you have a perfect hors d'oeuvre. Savory, sweet, salty all harmoniously coexist in one luxurious bite. 5/5

This was only a snippet the food and drinks that were available. The PPLA Food Fare is a definite must-do for all foodies.

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