Product Review: Cookie Chips

Since the age of 12, Chef Joanne Adirim has been passionate about baking. She set out on a mission 20 years ago to create the most scrumptious desserts. Using her artisan flare, she took her gourmet desserts to restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. Her journey has led her brand, HannahMax Baking, to nationwide coverage. They use only the best ingredients such as milled cane sugar, pure creamery butter, real eggs, fine chocolates, and pure bourbon vanilla. HannahMax Baking products are free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, trans fat, or GMOs.

HannahMax Baking makes a product line called Cookie Chips. The tagline, ”Tastes like a Cookie, Eats like a Chip”, is definitely what you will experience. With a 5 cookie serving and only packing 120 calories per serving, you can definitely eat what you like and not feel guilty. Let’s take a look at the flavors:

Original Cookie Chips are pure brown sugar goodness. Butter, sweetness, and homemade flavors round out this cookie. These were reminiscent of butter cookies or cookie dough ice cream. These would pair well with tea and coffee. Thumbs up!

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