The 10th Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival: The Grand Tasting, Part 2

Ready to read more about the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival’s The Grand Tasting!

Uptown Tavern, owned by the Verant Group, Robert Jones, and David Cohen, opened in 2012 with Chef Dana holding down the fort in the Hillcrest district of San Diego. They served Persimmon and Pineapple Halo Halo with condensed milk caramel, avocado ice cream and pistachios. OMG! Best Halo Halo ever! Avocado ice cream! Yes, avocado is a fruit and matched perfectly as a creamy, cool ice cream. The shaved ice added a contrasting texture. The persimmon and pineapple added a tangy, sweet, refreshing flavor. This was the best dessert item at the festival. Reserve your table today!


OC Food Diva

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