Café Orleans in Disneyland has changed a lot over the years

Once upon a time, a young girl started her life as a “foodie” at a place called Café Orleans in New Orleans Square. It became a home away from home for almost 8 years. After 8 years in the restaurant, she moved into Food Concept and Product Development where the real “magic” happens. Seeing gourmet foods being made from their primary ingredients like, flour, sugar, eggs, and milk amazed her. After almost 20 years, she made it back for lunch where her story began by celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with her own Prince Charming whom she had met in the very same place.

Café Orleans has changed a lot over the years. Café Orleans (opened originally as the Creole Café in 1966) was a table service restaurant serving delights such as the Lady Baronne Salade and The Royal Orleans Dixieland Sandwich. In 1988, it was changed into a buffeteria, meaning you started at an ordertaker and placed your order for your main entrée: from Croissant Mardi Gras to more authentic Cajun fare like the Muffaletta. You took a tray and silverware and continued on to pick up salads, desserts, and drinks along the way. A window appeared at the end and your entrees were waiting for you. Today, the old buffeteria line is a memory, except for one shining exception. The antique espresso machine that Walt Disney himself personally brought back from France is still shiny and gave comfort that not all has changed. The inside dining room has been expanded with more tables and the color scheme is now more Mardi Gras-ish, switching from the blue and white costume which made the women look more like Alice in Wonderland. The service, however, was uneventful, which is very disappointing.

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