National Barbeque Month: Stonefire Grill has the best mesquite grilled meats

Located near the corner of Barranca Parkway and Culver Drive, Stonefire Grill glows with a mesquite-fired grill. After you park your car, you will smell the meats as they cook and your nose will lead you to the front door. This restaurant is setup differently than you might expect. You order your food at a counter that looks like a long hostess stand. They give you a number and you seat yourself. While you wait, you can grab your tools to tackle your meal – plates, flatware, napkins, sauces, and fill up your drink. The service is polite and friendly.

In September 2010, Stonefire Grill celebrated their 10th anniversary and offered a “Taste of Stonefire” for $10. We were offered a salad add-on for $1, which is a great deal. Please check with the restaurant to see if they are still offering it.

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