OC Food Diva’s Best Bites of 2017

The number one question that I am always asked is: “What is your favorite restaurant?” I think that is a question that every food writer and food blogger is asked. It is both the simplest and most difficult question to answer. In a year, we try so many restaurants, new and existing, and there are so many variables from seasonality to cuisine to the passion of each chef as they bring each dish to life. Each year I write blog posts and film YouTube videos so you, my readers and viewers, can experience what I experience. I hope that you will take in the experience and be adventurous on your next dining/travel experience. I still can’t definitively answer THE QUESTION, but I can tell you that there are SO many great places out in the world to experience.  

Here are my TOP 10 Best Bites of 2017 (click on the link to see the original blog post):


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