World Food Championships starts on November 3, 2015 in Kissimmee, Florida

The excitement is growing as the World Food Championship starts in less than a month. Home cooks and professional chefs from around the world will meet and compete in the Ultimate Food Fight. You can join in as a spectator and also take part of events taking place during the Championships.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to see and do this year:

  • Get That Sizzle Going with Jodi Taffel, The Bacon Babe
  • So You Want to SousVide? with Eric Harland
  • Caliente! Devilish Shrimp! Camarones Diablo with Nancy Judd
  • Nature’s Sparkling Salad! with Heather Walker
  • Caviar is Nature’s Delicacy! with Jodi Taffel, The Bacon Babe
  • From Propane to Electric Bubba Has a Burger! with Andy Stenson of Bubba Burgers
  • Florida’s Finest Strawberries! with Laurie Figone
  • Sadler’s Smokehouse
  • Pantry Magic with Chef Israel Santiago
  • You Can Do ANYTHING Gluten-Free with Chef Linda Bonwill
  • Pickle Your Fancy with Chef Todd Fisher of Duda Farms
  • Off the Boat with Chef Josee Lanzi
  • Pie on the Grill with Chef Lance Toro
  • Nothing Better Than Buttered Pasta with Suzanne Clark and Challenge Butter
  • To Grill or Not to Grill – That is Never the Question! with William Smith
  • Put a Ribbon On It with Nancy Manlove
  • Topping It Off with Amy Freeze
  • Vegetable Spectacle with Chef Todd Fisher of Duda Farms


  • Cooking Like a Champ
  • Family Food Fun
  • Que School
  • Food Fight Night
  • Champions VIF Club
  • Food Champ Judging Class
  • World Chili Fest – People’s Choice
  • Grand Tasting
  • World Cocktail Experience
  • Mixology 101
  • World Food Championships
  • World Chef Challenge

  • The Margarita
  • The Manhattan
  • The Julep
  • Stirring vs. Shaking
  • Sangria & Other Wine Based Cocktails
  • Brandy
  • Mojito
  • Martini
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Aperitif Wine
  • Gin
  • Floridita
  • Daiquiri
  • Smash
  • Whiskies of the World
  • Bitters
  • Tequila and Mexcal
  • And more…

Competitions in the Kenmore Kitchen Area and with a prize purse of $300,000:

  • World Barbeque Championship
  • World Open Chili Championship
  • World Burger Championship
  • World Dessert Championship
  • World Sandwich Championship
  • World Bacon Championship
  • World Recipe Championship
  • World Pasta Championship
  • World Seafood Championship
  • World Chef Challenge

IMPORTANT: Free events require a ticket and will reserve your spot at each event space. Visit the Tickets  page for more information to help you plan accordingly.

For more information:
Kissimmee, FL
November 3-10, 2015