Spicy City specializes in authentic Chinese food and flavors in Anaheim Hills, CA

Spicy City is an upscale yet casual restaurant that fuses traditional Chinese cuisine and American flavors. They have all of the favorites that you would find for Chinese take-out, but also authentic Hunan cuisine menu items that you may have not seen. The interior design is adorned with hardwood floors, traditional Chinese décor like lanterns hanging from above, lacquered wood chopsticks, and white cloth linens.

Crispy Fried Duck (Half) was expertly sliced and served with lotus buns and hoisin sauce. It was cooked to perfection with crispy, deep golden brown skin. The duck fat under the skin was rendered and kept the meat juicy inside. Add a small amount of hoisin sauce inside the lotus bun and layer a piece of duck inside. Take a bite and taste the slight sweetness from the sauce and the savory flavor of the duck nestled inside fluffy pillows of slightly sweet lotus buns like a Chinese-style slider. It will blow your mind! Rating: 5/5

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