Winder Farms is hand-delivered, farm to table freshness

It’s been over a year since Winder Farms started offering service to Orange County residents and they are still going strong. With so many local farms and food artisans around, it’s not difficult for them to source the best food for you and your family.

Here’s a sample of what you can order from Winder Farms:

  • Fresh, local fruits and vegetables: peppers, carrots, chicory, avocados, oranges, stone fruit, peaches, celery,  juices, pre-packaged salads, and pre-cut fruit combinations
  • Vegetarian based items like coconut milk
  • All-natural drinks like iced tea
  • Local dairy products like yogurt
  • Locally farmed meats: steaks, bacon
  • Grocery favorites: frozen entrees, pastas
  • Bakery items: fresh bread, cookies and more!