Beach City Brewery is “where brew meets the beach” in Huntington Beach, CA

Surf City USA now has its first handcrafted brewery thanks to Glenn Closson. Glenn loves craft beer and has been a home-brewer for many years. He made it not only for himself but to share with family and friends. But only being able to brew 5 gallons at a time pretty much capped his production. He found out very quickly that going from a 5-gallon brew to a production size vat isn’t that easy and hired Derek Testerman from Lancaster, PA (with 2 and  a half years at Iron Hill Brewery under his belt). We had the pleasure of meeting Glenn and Derek one week before their brewery opened to the public back in April 2014. Derek was just finishing up the mash process and was transferring to the kettle. The aroma in the building was heavenly. It smelled like breakfast – oatmeal, coffee, and a little chocolaty. It was especially noticeable when the vat was open and the steam escaped. We got to try a little bit of this “Sweet Crude” as it was transferred. It tasted sweet like molasses with hints of oatmeal, coffee, and chocolate. As it goes further along in the fermentation process, the flavors will change, but it was neat to taste it at this stage.

We paid a visit recently to check out the new tasting room and try Taco Brewsday. Here’s a peek at the flight samples (choice of 4 per flight):

Beach Cruiser is their first seasonal release and a take on a traditional Berliner Weisse. This is referred to as “German Lemonade” as it is a go-to for first time beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers. It is composed of pilsner malt, pale wheat, aridulated malt, and Williamette hops. In the tasting room, raspberry, peach, and traditional woodruff syrups can be added as well. Tasting notes: Tastes like cider; light, crisp, clean, tart; definitely a snacking beer. Food pairings: fruit, sandwiches, salad, fish. Rating: 4/5 stars