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Edwina loves to bake and has been baking since she was a little girl in San Diego. She started with box mixes and then started to bake from scratch as she learned what ingredients made the perfect baked goods – cookies, brownies, cakes, pastries. Whenever she saw a bakery or patisserie, she would be fascinated by the creations’ presentation and taste, and then try to recreate it at home. One day, she met Chef Olivier, classically trained in France and working as a pastry chef in a local San Diego bakery. Six years ago, they came up with the idea of combining the traditional rum cake, originating from the Caribbean, and merging it with the French Baba au Rhum cake. In early 2011, after three years of development, Rum Cake Lounge was born. It is the only online gourmet rum cakery in America. Cakes are all made from scratch with no preservatives, but the vacuum packed bags keep optimum freshness for up to 6 weeks. They also have gluten-free options as well.

Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Gourmet Rum Cake (comes in mini 2 oz. or full size 43 oz.) is made with rice flour, homemade crème fraîche, creamy white chocolate ganache, sweet butter, organic sea salt, farm fresh eggs, premium vanilla beans, pure extracts, and hand-glazed with their signature Madagascar vanilla bean rum glaze. It is extremely light and moist with vanilla flavor bursting out. It reminded me of my childhood. In a Japanese household, desserts are made with rice flour. I love it and the slight grittiness of the flour gives it a bit of character, separating it from the usual cake. The white chocolate ganache is fantastic! It is very luxurious and just melts when it hits your tongue. For my first time trying a gluten-free product, I was pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up, way up!

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