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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giveaway: Winder Farms delivers locally-grown & produced foods right to your doorstep

If you are an Orange County, CA home owner, you have the chance of winning $50 worth of groceries from Winder Farms. Keep reading to find out how!

It all started in 1880 with Winder Farms dairy farm and a horse-drawn cart. Since then, Winder Farms has been known for their home delivery service of high quality farm fresh food directly to customers’ doorsteps. The Winder Farms “farmers market on wheels” saves the customer time, money, and gas by delivering more than 300 unique all-natural products to customers every week. 

Their service area is largely Utah and Las Vegas, NV vicinity, but has now expanded to service households in Orange County, CA. Orange County is a great place for Winder Farms to expand to simplify the lives of busy Orange County parents who care about preparing natural and nutritious food for their family. With daily life on computers and mobile devices, it is so simple to buy your groceries online and have them delivered right to you – no hassles finding a parking space at the supermarket after work, no maneuvering a shopping cart through narrow grocery aisles, and no long waits at the checkout line.

Here’s a sample of what you can order from Winder Farms:

  • Fresh, local fruits and vegetables: herbs, squashes, tomatoes, oranges, bell peppers, eggplant, Swiss chard, lettuce, juices
  • Local dairy products: milk, cheese, butter, yogurt
  • Locally farmed meats: steaks, eggs, sausages
  • Grocery favorites: frozen pizzas, pastas
  • Locally made food products: homemade baked cookies and more!

Fruits and vegetables are farm fresh. Don’t be alarmed by irregular shapes or soil deposits. It is just part of nature and exactly what you will see at a farmers market. The shape has nothing to do with flavor and tastes just as good or sometimes better than that perfectly shaped apple you purchase at the store. Vegetables may have soil still on them, but you can tell its fresh from the farm. Wash leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach in the sink and spin them in vegetable dryer and they are vibrant and ready to eat. Root vegetables like carrots and potatoes just need a quick scrub and they are ready to be cooked. We grilled eggplant, green bell peppers, and onions on skewers with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. They were delicious! Winder Farms juices are vibrant and robust and bursting with natural fruit flavor. Their orange juice tastes freshly-squeezed, nothing better than that.

Local dairy products are provided by local dairy farms in each delivery area. From the items I received, the farthest farm was in Los Angeles, which is mere hour or so away. Broguiere’s is located in Montebello, CA and has the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted. It was cool, creamy and had just enough chocolaty flavor so it wasn’t too sweet. The chocolate milk was gone in no time.

Winder Farms Meats come frozen and are locally sourced in Utah, where Winder Farms is based. A variety of cuts of chicken, beef, and pork are available. They also have locally farmed eggs to go with the Winder Farms bacon for a wonderful breakfast.

Frozen grocery favorites like pizza, pasta, ready-cut vegetables like potatoes, The Palermo’s thin crust pizza cooked up in no time on our pizza stone leaving the crust crispy and the toppings bubbling with gooey delight.

Locally-made food products are great. Homemade products are becoming very popular now from baked goods to canned goods like pickles. The chocolate chip cookies from The Cookie Lady Shop in Anaheim, CA were delicious with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee. They taste just like homemade because they are homemade!

Let Winder Farms check off grocery shopping on your to-do list! Don’t forget to enter to win $50 in groceries from Winder Farms! See below!


  • Orange County, CA Residents: WIN $50 worth of complimentary home-delivered groceries from Winder Farms! You can enter by:

1.       Commenting on this article on
2.       Commenting on this blog post on below
3.       Liking the Winder Farms post on OC Food Diva’s Facebook page
4.       “Retweet” or “Favorite” the Winder Farms post on OC Food Diva’s Twitter
5.      One (1) winner will be chosen at random after giveaway closes on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. Winner must live in Orange County, CA in a residential house (sorry, no apartments).

For more information:
1.800.WINDER1 (946.3371)

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