Maple Farms Infusions produces new gourmet infused maple syrup products

In the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid, New York, is the home of Maple Farms Infusions. Towering stands of old-growth Red and Sugar Maple trees that tell the legend of maple syrup discovery and where sugaring first originated. Maple Farms blends this heritage and quality to produce the purest, sweetest maple syrup possible. Sustainability and organic methods are used and they only select the richest Medium Plus grades with distinctive amber coloring and bold taste to infuse with all-natural ingredients from local farms and spirits from area distilleries.

Strawberry Infused Maple Syrup is made with the ripest organic strawberries from ThePickin’ Patch in Avon, CT and double infused Maple Farms 100% Adirondack maple syrup. The flavor is like a cross between maple syrup and strawberry jam. There are strawberry pieces inside, but the ripe strawberry flavor bursts out of the syrup. No artificial candy-like flavor here, just naturally sweet strawberry flavor. It’s amazing and definitely my favorite in the product line. It worked well on Taro Brand Hawaii’s Original Taro Pancakes. It would also work perfectly on buttermilk pancakes, waffles, or drizzled in oatmeal.


OC Food Diva