The Globe Dine Bar showcases food from around the world in Garden Grove, CA

Michael Pauwels and Marijke Adam, natives of Belgium, have been in the restaurant business for years in Belgium and in the US. They wanted to opened up something they could call their own. With their combined experience, they opened up The Globe Dine Bar on July 28, 2011 with global inspired, seasonal cuisine and an exclusive selection of Belgian craft ales. Michael and Marijke are always around being the perfect hosts in the dining room and behind the bar. The ambiance has a neighborhood bar feel but yet European. Tables are wrapped in country highlights of Europe. We sat at the Greece table depicting images of Athens and specialty dishes like gyros. The music is streamed from Belgium with very few commercials – great music selection from 80s rock and news updates in French.

Charcuterie Platter is a chef’s selection of cured meats and pate from around the globe, with seasonal trimmings. The meats were perfectly sliced, especially the prosciutto, paper thin so it just melts in your mouth. The meats had different textures and flavors that satisfy the taste buds. Love the roasted garlic, so sweet, and it matches perfectly with the meats. An expertly sliced French baguette is the perfect vehicle to get these delectable meats into your mouth. Thumbs up, way up!

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