Zimzala serves up unpretentious, relaxed cuisine in Huntington Beach, CA

Defined by http://riptionary.com/, Zimzala means a free-spirited person who finds peace with the sand between their toes. Zimzala opened in April 2009 and is located inside the Shorebreak Hotel right across the street from the beach and wonderful place to unwind. Chef Roy Hendrickson is the perfect chef to the job, with 12 years’ experience in restaurants along Orange County’s beautiful coast. He’s lives in the community and knows the HB palette well. Using local and seasonal ingredients, he has created a masterful set of offerings combining the relaxed comfort food of Huntington Beach, yet mixing different flavors from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Soft House Made Pretzels topped with sea salt and served with Stone IPA Beer cheese. These amazing pretzels are definitely made in-house. You can smell them baking when someone orders them. You might think you flew to Germany. Yes, these pretzels are that authentic and served hot, right out of the oven! The glaze on the outside was perfect with just the right amount of salt. The crust was chewy with a slightly sweet, fluffy interior and strong pretzel aroma (like fresh-baked sourdough bread). The cheese was a like a fondue with a slight caramelized beer flavor, not too strong and didn’t overpower the pretzel. The consistency was perfect for dipping. Thumbs up, way up!

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