Beard Papa’s serving up “eatertainment” cream puffs in Irvine, CA

In 1999, Yuji Hirota launched Beard Papa’s and was an instant success with its proprietary multi-layered pie crust and French choux dough (for making cream puffs). In 2012, Beard Papa’s is now 300 stores strong in 13 countries worldwide. The cream puffs are filled fresh to order, providing an “eatertainment” atmosphere. It’s a treat to your five senses from the moment you choose your cream puff shells and then watch as they’re prepared with the fillings of your choice.

Our first encounter with Papa Beard’s happened in May 2010 in the lovely city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We spent a weekend there before embarking on a 2-week Alaskan cruise. We took the Vancouver Trolley around for a weekend of sightseeing and exploring the area around our hotel. We discovered a block of Japanese stores and restaurants nearby and were drawn to the whimsical Beard Papa’s logo on one of the shops. Having an affinity for all things cute, happy and Japanese we had to investigate further.  The sweet aroma of custardy goodness drew us into a fantasy land of cream puffs. There were puff shells ready for filling with your choice of flavors.  Decisions, decisions! We were confident that we couldn’t go wrong with any selection. Happily, the special filling of the day was green tea, a definite favorite. From the firm puff shell to the creamy custard filling, Beard Papa’s cream puffs are simply delectable. Sadly, we had time for that one visit and have been dreaming of a repeat visit.
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