Yojie in Los Angeles, CA is swishing Japanese fondue to a new level

Located in newly renovated Downtown Los Angeles on the corner of West Olympic Boulevard and South Grand Avenue, Yojie’s has a hip, all glass corner architecture that catches the eye. Opened in January 2010, this is a 2nd location to the flagship in Artesia. It all started when Mendrick and Michael Leelin’s mom graduated from Cordon Bleu and they took her to a shabu shabu restaurant to celebrate. She fell in love with shabu shabu and wanted to open her own restaurant. After years of research and tests in their mom’s kitchen, the flagship was born. Her sons now run the restaurants and do a fantastic job. You can see how much food has been a part of their family starting with their first family business, Goldilocks Bakeshop (with over 20 locations in California and Nevada). The interior has an eclectic vibe, good lines, and a Zen-like feel to it. Bamboo reeds between the booths make it seem intimate but leave the dining space very open and inviting. The service is attentive and friendly. Yojie is redefining shabu shabu into Japanese Fondue. They also have an extensive and unique sake menu from traditional to mixed sake cocktails. They also stock Ramune Japanese sodas with flavors ranging from strawberry to lychee – fun to drink and packs big flavor in a little bottle.

Let’s start swishing! All shabu shabu dishes are served with assorted fresh vegetables, shirataki, udon & harusame noodles, tofu, Japanese mushrooms, and seaweed. This dish is also accompanied with free refills of rice, Goma, and Ponzu sauce. Sakana is 6oz. sashimi grade Atlantic salmon, thinly sliced and beautifully arranged on a plate. The fish is so fresh it can be eaten raw like sashimi or swished once or twice in the hot pot. Don’t forget to start cooking your vegetables. They help flavor the water which in turn adds flavor your noodles and meat. The sauces are wonderful as well. Experiment with the sauces and add spicy pepper oil, green onions, daikon, or Japanese ground pepper. Thumbs up!

To read more and see photos, please visit: http://www.examiner.com/restaurant-in-anaheim/yojie-los-angeles-ca-is-swishing-japanese-fondue-to-a-new-level-review

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