Jet Trip: Dinardo's has the best crustaceans in Philadelphia

There’s just something different about the seafood here. Located a short cab ride from Downtown Philly, is DiNardo’s. A non-descript, red brick building with a wooden sign swaying in the breeze points to the front entrance of this establishment. The huge crab on their sign hints that maybe you should try the crab. The Blue Claw crabs are flown in everyday from the Gulf Coast. Unlike their cousins in the Chesapeake, these Gulf Coast crabs are “free swimmers”, which means bigger crabs and more meat.

Let’s look at their raw bar. Clams on the Half Shell are half dozen freshly shucked ice-cold beauties served atop ice accompanied by cocktail sauce and lemon. These clams are sweet with a scent of the sea. These are the best clams on the half shell I have ever had. The cocktail sauce is the best cocktail sauce I’ve ever had, sweet with just the right amount of horseradish. Thumbs up with 5 stars!

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